For students completing grades 6-9

Cowboy Camp is for kids who don’t necessarily want to improve their horsemanship skills; they would rather just have fun with horses. Campers will be divided into groups based on their riding ability. They will spend 3 hours each morning at the Ranch, dividing their time between “rodeo games” like egg and spoon, capture the flag, barrels and poles, and also “ground time”. Ground time includes safety lessons, leading, saddling, and grooming horses. They will also get the chance to swim with the horses. Other activities may include: driving the draft team, giving horses a bath, cleaning the tack, making a project in the leather shop. During one of the afternoons they will go with their cabin on an extended 2-hour trail ride. When Cowboy Campers are not at the Ranch they will be part of the Voyager (Classic Camp) schedule.

2018 Dates

Cowboy Camp     July 15-20