On July 7th and 8th we got to celebrate 60 years of ministry at the Camp Shamineau site. How do you review 60 years of amazing ministry into just two days? How do you share all the stories of changed lives, miraculous events, the launching of hundreds of leaders into vocational Christian ministry, and thousands more who love Jesus into positions that impact hundreds and hundreds? The answer is, you don’t. We came together and played and ate and sang and heard from God’s word, but parts of two days isn’t enough to cover it all.

We shared stories with each other. We recognized faces from long ago that now had wrinkles and gray hair. We played games that our bodies weren’t as good at playing anymore. We sat in old special places and toured new facilities that God had blessed us with. But most of all, we wondered at the greatness of God’s grace, and we celebrated that He was continuing to bless the Shamineau ministry.

If you are near camp, please stop in. The coffee is always on and there is usually a meal, and we would be more than happy to give you the grand tour of this place that God has so richly blessed!

Herb Bloomquist