Ropes on the Road Shamineau Adventures offers “Ropes on the Road”, a collection of teambuilding initiatives to accommodate churches, schools or businesses. These elements help participants confront physical challenges in order to improve group cooperation and problem solving skills. Shamineau Adventures’ staff are well trained in the facilitation of these teambuilding exercises and will challenge groups of any size or age.

Scheduling Info
Ropes on the Road is available year round. Call 1-800-305-8118 or email for scheduling and availability.

Camp Promo
Camp Shamineau desires to serve your church, giving your congregation opportunities to experience God’s love in a camp setting. Through various camps, trips and other ministry events, campers will hear the Gospel of Christ and be encouraged to grow in their relationship with Him. As summer staff, youth will receive training and experience, developing characteristics to become Christian leaders. We would like to partner with you in ministry, and would enjoy being involved at your church in the following ways:

1. Camp display booth and a 3 minute promotional video in the church worship service telling about camp
2. Share camper and staff opportunities at Sunday School classes
3. Bring Ropes on the Road (portable low ropes teambuilding initiatives)
4. Pulpit fill (we have several gifted speakers who would love to share)
5. AWANA large group and worship times
6. Worship band for children and youth
7. Youth group speaking and worship

Speaker from Shamineau
Shamineau is blessed to have gifted speakers on staff, able to speak to a wide variety of audiences. For scheduling, availability and questions, email here.