General Information

This link contains:
1. Welcome Letter
2. Things to be memorized BEFORE ARRIVAL
3. Summer Pay and support raising information **NOTE THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE UP TO $2000 (MINUS TAXES) EXTRA**

Lifestyle Statement and Schedule

Medical and Release Form

Background Check

Biographical Sketch information

Prayer Partner Information

The following forms will need to be printed out, completed, and returned with copies of ID and social security cards
State W4
Federal W4

If you would like to have your check direct deposited, fill out this form

Please mail the above forms and a copy of your support letter to:

Program Staff
2345 Ridge Rd
Motley, MN 56466

Or email here

Checklist of things to return

Summer Staff Handbook
Please read this handbook and be familiar with its contents.



It is our belief that Christian camping is one of the most effective evangelism and Christian education tools the church has. Shamineau Ministries exists to support the church and is committed to providing programs that advance that goal.